(prayer for November continued). ROLLING AWAY ALL YOUR REPROACHES.

On Wednesday 6th November 2019, the Lord again called on the church through His Team to “Pray and lay hold on all reproaches to be rolled away”. Says the Lord.

What is a reproach? A Reproach is something imputed to bring blame, disgrace and to discredit you.

Satan holds the reproaches of the fathers and the fathers’ fathers, of the mothers and the mothers’ mothers. He holds the reproach of families and relations as well as personal reproaches. He holds all these firmly even from the first generation invoking them and imputing them against the children of God to discredit them.

The psalmist confirms that friends will take up a reproach against you to discredit you. “He who does not backbite with the tongue………  nor does he take up a reproach against his friend……… shall never be moved”-Psalm 15:3

Job experienced reproach 10 times from his friend. “These 10 times you have reproached me; you are not ashamed that you have wronged me” Job 19:3.  Job had to covenant “my righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go; my heart shall not reproach me as long as I live” Job 27 verse 6.

Listen to what David the psalmist suffered under reproach:-

“reproach has broken my heart,

 and I am full of heaviness;

I looked for someone to take pity, but there was none;

And for comforters, but I found none.

They also gave me gall for my food,

and for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink”. psalm 69:20-21.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in addition to what David suffered under reproach the greatest and most serious effect of reproach is that you cannot maximize the Grace of God when a reproach is on your life. You cannot reach the level of your ordination in Christ.

“Moses esteemed the reproach of Christ greater than the treasures in Egypt” – Hebrews11:26.

Also, the stone that was meant to keep the Lord Jesus Christ in eternal reproach was rolled away by an angel- Luke 24 verse 2.

Solomon in his wisdom gives these counsels “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” Proverbs 14:34. And also “cast out the scoffer and contention will leave. Yes, strive and reproach will cease” Proverbs 22 verse 10.

What A Loving and Caring God We Serve!

PRAYER: pray and lay hold on all reproach and the Lord will roll them away from your life.

  1.  Thank God for He cares about you
  2. Thank God for the revelations about reproach above
  3. Thank God for the opportunity to lay hold upon all that constitute a reproach in your life
  4. Thank God that “the secret things belong to the Lord our God but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever that we may do all the words of this law” Deuteronomy 29 verse 29
  5. Pray and ask God to reveal to you all the hidden and secret reproaches Satan and his cohorts are imputing against you to discredit you
  6. Pray and hold God to his word in Jeremiah 33 verse 3 “call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know”.
  7. Pray and hold the Lord Jesus Christ on his word in Mark 4 verse 22 “for there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.
  8. Pray in line with 1st Corinthians 2:9 to 10 “Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the heart of Man the things which God has prepared for those who love him. But God has revealed them to us through his spirit. For the spirit searches all things yes, the deep things of God”.
  9. Lay hold/document all that the Lord will reveal to you as constituting reproach and begin to thank the Lord and the spirit of God for the revelation.
  10. Lift each of the revelations before the Lord and pray in the name of Jesus Christ that angel who rolled away the Stone of reproach from the tomb of Jesus Christ to descend and rolled them away.
  11. Pray that all the scoffers who lift up these revelations as reproaches against you should be cast out.
  12. Pray that those friends who raise reproaches against you daily without knowing that they have offended you should also be cast away.
  13. Declare in the name of Jesus Christ that every reproach is rolled away.
  14. Please note and send to the team’s email: info@theteamgodsmandate.com  any lingering generational reproach that defies this prayer. The team will help you out of the challenge.

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