On the 10th July 2017 during the hour of prayer 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, the Most High God spoke about the Police Administration. The Most High God directed that His message should be served on all authorities who are in a position to effect the counsel of God:-

The Counsel of State, the Constitutional Review Committee, the President, the Executive, the Judiciary, the Legislature, the Media and well organised social pressure groups, IGP – Inspector General of Police etc.


“The Police Administration should be restructured. It should be restructured as follows:-

  1. To be autonomous devoid of every external interference.
  2. To stick to their ethics and uphold the highest sense of integrity and strict discipline.
  3. To adhere to the standard of recruitment.
  4. To observe strictly the rule of law so as to repose confidence in the people of the nation.
  5. The bad nuts in the service to be exposed and sacked as a deterrent to others.
  6. The faithful in the service to be rewarded”.

Thus says the Lord.

The team wishes to advise all those who will be favoured to receive this message on their Facebook page or other social media platforms to share the message with friends and relatives who are in authority.

For a lot more information on God’s mandate for the nation visit the team’s website www.theteamgodsmandate.com The team also welcomes your Prayer Requests.

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