Christians all over the world do fast.

More often than not, fasting is directed at solving personal challenges. The sincerity of some fast may be questionable. Consequently, fasting does not bring an end to the challenges.

The abundant blessings of the Lord are still not flowing to the children of God. Thus the cry of the Lord Jesus that “until now we have not asked anything from Him” still holds.

The Lord wants to bless His children in this month of March 2019 in a special way.

During the early morning network prayer of the Team god’s Mandate on 13th March, the Lord directed the team to observe a true fast as in Isaiah 58:6-12.  Fast should be sincerely directed at the poor, the needy, the oppressed, etc (This prayer/fast is to be shared and posted on The Team’s website for Christians all over the world.

In absolute obedience to the command of the Lord, the team through its website www.theteamgodsmandate.com is calling for a global corporate fasting and prayer from the 14th March 2019.

You Are To Pray – Isaiah 58:6-12

  1. To loose the bands of wickedness
  2. Undo the heavy burdens
  3. Let the oppress go free
  4. Break every yoke

(While interceding for the innocent as above (1-4), do the practical things below (5-13) )

  • Deal bread to the hungry
  • Shelter the cast out
  • Cover the naked
  • Not covering up your own faults
  • To call upon and cry to God
  • Cease accusing others
  • Stop speaking vanity
  • Having compassion on the hungry
  • To satisfy the afflicted soul.

The following benefits as per the scripture will be your portion

  1. You shall have light as day
  2. Your health shall spring forth speedily
  3. Your righteousness shall go before you
  4. God’s glory will be your rear guard
  5. You will call and receive answers to prayer
  6. You will cry and God will answer you
  7. Your light will rise in obscurity.
  8. Your darkness will be as the noon day
  9. The Lord will guard you continually
  10. He will satisfy you in drought
  11. He will make our bones fat.
  12. You will be like a watered garden
  13. You will be like an unfailing spring of water.
  14. Your waste places will be built
  15. You will raise up the foundations of many generations
  16. You will be called the repairer of the breach
  17. You will be called the restorer of paths to dwell in.

Please make www.theteamgodsmandate.com your favorite website. Revelation prayers that solve problems will be posted for your victory.

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