Early in the year 2014, the Lord had programmed His team to undertake a mission to hand over the nation Ghana to Him before the end of May 2014. The team was instructed to walk round the boundaries of the nation of Ghana from Aflao, in the Volta Region to New Town, in the Western Region to Hamile in the Upper West Region to Kulungugu in the Upper East Region and back to Aflao to complete the plumb line. Isaiah 42:15-19.

“As you walk round the nation, you hand her over to Me” says the Lord. Zechariah 2:1-5.

On the 20th May 2014, the team started a 5 day prayer session for the mission. On the 21st May 2014, which was the second day of the preparatory prayer, the Lord encouraged the team to pray for the mission. He also spelt out what the team will encounter on the mission as follows:-

“The host of demonic angels will encamp all against you but I the Lord will take you through” – Exodus 11:20-22, Joshua 10:5, 10, 31, & 34.

“My sustaining power/Grace will take you through” – Psalm 3:5-6, Philippians 4:13, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

“I am with you. A circle has no end”.

On Sunday, 25th May 2014 at exactly 6:08pm, the team set off on a public bus from Aflao the eastern corner of the nation to New Town, the Western corner of the nation Ghana. This was after the instructed prophetic enactment at Aflao. After the same enactment at New Town, the team continued the mission to Hamile, in the Upper West end of the nation. From Hamile, the team continued to Kulungugu border in the Upper East corner of the nation. The team made the last lap of the mission from Kulungugu back to Aflao, arriving at the starting point at 4:45am on the 30th of May 2014.

After a brief period of thanksgiving, the team declared a plumb line drawn around the nation Ghana with the blood of Jesus Christ, sealed it off with same prophetic blood and oil as directed by the Most High God.

Other declarations followed for a short while and then the ultimate declaration of handing over the nation Ghana to the Most High God.

“The Kingdom of the world/Ghana has become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He will reign for ever and ever” – Revelation 11:15.

The Theocratic governance of the nation Ghana commenced at 6:00am on 30th May 2014.


It is imperative to take the nation through what the Lord continues to do in His nation from the 30th May 2014. God is a spirit and those who want to worship Him should worship Him in spirit and in truth – John 4:24.

We should appreciate His ruler-ship through His prayer inspiration since taking over the nation. The undiscerning would only perceive His works as the prayers manifest in the physical.

The Lord continues to steer the affairs of His New Ghana through the following prayer directions which His team fervently prayed:-

4th June 2014 – Thanksgiving for 1 hour

2nd to 8th July 2014 – Pray for Ghanaians to understand the economic realities, that, they are the result of divine guidance – 7 days.

4th July 2014 – His assurance, “I will make sure everything goes well with this nation.”

9th to 15th July 2014 – Call forth the manifestation of all My divine economic policies- 7 days.

16th to 20th July – Pray, moving the Nation out of every form of stagnation – 5 days.

21st to 23rd July 2014 – Split the nation into Northern and Southern sectors, take authority and dominion over each of them, releasing My mandate into them.

Take authority and dominion over the peoples of the North and of the South sectors and uproot from their hearts and minds, Assyrian and Babylonian spirits which prevent them from understanding God’s (My) mandate for the nation.

24th July 2014 – Pray for complete implementation of My mandate in the nation – 7 days.

30th July 2014 – Pray rejecting every form of opposition to my mandate.

4th August 2014 – Build a siege with the blood of Jesus Christ around the entire nation against the Ebola Virus.

6th August 2014 – Pray for the well-being of the nation. “I will turn the captivity of the nation round and it shall be like a dream” says the Lord.

12th August 2014 – Intercede for the nation in the area of political instability/upheaval – 3 hours (12:00 to 3:00pm) daily for 7 days as follows:-

  • 15th August 2014 – Take the regions of the nation one by one and continue the intercession.
  • 16th to 18th August 2014 – Stir up the hearts of the people of the nation to refrain from every form of political instability, from the President to the lowest person in the nation to be obedient to the mandate of the Most High God and refrain from every form of political instability.


Let it be known that the Most High God rules in the Kingdom of men. This is the first release by the team of the Most High God.


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