On Friday 15th October 2021 at 2:02pm during a network discussion on the LGBTQ+ issues, the Lord gave the following message to the Team God’s Mandate for the peoples of the nation Ghana:-
“Tell the people of Ghana that the nation is mine. They should not take my leniency for granted. My laws supersede any other laws of the land. Those who do not want to obey my laws should leave the nation. Woe unto them that would continue to support the domination of the LGBTQ” says the Lord.
Homosexuality is an abomination in Leviticus 18:22. The biblical emphasis upon the loving union of male and female as an integral part of God’s creation ordinance establishes the context against which the censure of homosexual practice is to be set.
God’s creation order for sexuality is spelt out in Genesis 1:27-28; Genesis 2:18-24
Both Jesus Christ and apostle Paul endorsed this creation order.
The Old Testament prohibits homosexual practice. It is an abomination with dire consequences. Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt to ashes as a consequence of grave immorality- homosexuality to be precise.
In 2Samuel 24:5, David is reported to have disobeyed God by counting the fighting men of Israel. The resultant wrath of God led to the death of 70,000 men.
History would inform those who care that the Roman Empire collapsed as a consequence of homosexuality.
It could happen to Ghana and any other nation that fall to such a debased level. Immorality becomes a cancer that consume the whole nation.
To the law givers and the judges the Lord cautions, “there is only one law giver – James 4:12 who makes the judges of the earth useless” Isaiah 40:23 and could even serve as a swift witness and judge against those who take Him for granted.
To the rulers/leaders of the nation embracing immorality- homosexuality. The time has come for them to know that “The Most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever He will – Daniel 4:17b
To the church:-
i. The time has come for you to rule the nations through prayer by executing my judgements:-
ii. Take authority and dominion over the spirit behind homosexuality and declare a terrible East wind to blow that spirit into Oblivion.
iii. Call the 7 thunders of God to utter their voices on all those who are in that abomination to stripe them naked.
iv. This level of sexual disorder is a consequence of rejecting God so begin to plant Jesus Christ in their hearts and minds in their nakedness – Romans 1:21-27
v. Declare WOE unto leaders of the nation Ghana the executive, judiciary, legislature and all the peoples who are in support of this immorality. Declare WOE to them and their generations yet unborn.
This is a battle between the priests of Baal and the Prophets of God.
vi. Silence all foreign voices that seek to impose this uncleanness upon Ghana.
vii. Command the land of Ghana to vomit such foreigners

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