Followers of this website would undoubtedly agrees that the Most High God guided Ghana through a peaceful election in 2012. He instructed His messengers to pray the election through. The election on 7th December 2016 was no exception. Even though the iniquity of the nation was continually before the Lord, His assurance of unfailing love for the nation caused His mercy and forgiveness to flow from the throne of Grace to the people of this nation of ours. On the 7th September 2016, the Lord called His two messengers Gabriel Bensah and Simon Kwabla Ocloo – Eyram to duty. “Pray and advance the course of the election that is to say prepare the nation ahead of the election” says the Lord.

Expatiating further on the instruction to make it more comprehensible and to facilitate effective prayer session, the Lord broke down the prayer as follows:-

  1. Take every gate to the nation.
  2. Exercise power, authority and dominion over the mind of the citizenry.
  3. Declare to every heart to be subject and obedient to me.
  4. Deliver My blue print unto the whole nation.
  5. Establish it in the heart and mind of the people to uphold the dignity of the nation.

This prayer was fervently prayed morning and evening till 27th September 2016.

On the 28th September 2016, the Lord instructed His team “to continue to advance the course of the election; but this time around deal with all lies released into the nation and silence all liars in the land”.

This prayer was also efficiently prayed till 4th October 2016 – a period of 7 days.

On the 5th October 2016 while the team was to continue advancing the course of the election, further areas were given to receive the prayer power of the team. Pray:-

  1. That the mind of the electorate to be obedient to the direction of God.
  2. Cancel every falsification of figures.
  3. Stamp out every rude behavior of group of people opposed to God’s mandate for the election.
  4. Let the heavens be brass to all who are manipulating the heavens for the sake of winning the election and God’s mandate.

Again on the 30th November 2016, the Lord instructed His team to continue to stamp out every authority that rise up against the election.


The Most High God continued His watch over the nation after the election result was declared.

On the 13th December 2016, the all-knowing, everywhere present God alerted His team about the security of the nation. “The security of the nation is in your hands” says the Lord.

The team raised up prayer of peace and calm over the nation while taking the spiritual and physical gates to the nation with the blood of Jesus Christ and declared a pass over. A blood siege was laid around the nation after the Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonian gods have been commanded out of the nation.

This prayer for the security of the nation will continue till Jesus comes.

On the 14th the Lord release His assurance to do His will for the nation. “I will move this nation forward inspite of everything. Do not look at what is on the ground but look unto me. Whatever I have started I will accomplish it. I hold the Key to every situation” says the Lord.

On the 16th December 2016, the Lord’s Prayer direction was reassuring as ever before. He gave a three point prayer direction as follows:-

  1. Declare unto the nation to march forward in triumph.
  2. Pray and stop every form of backwardness.
  • Every filth that engulf this nation during the election to be wiped away.

Let readers not forget that He, the Lord Almighty has declared that “He is moving the nation forward to Zion to become a great nation.

“For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light” – Luke 8:17.

On the 26th December 2016, the Lord disclosed the secret doing of politicians in the land. They are ‘honorable men’ indeed. “A satanic door is open to this nation. You will have to pray “back to sender” for 7 days at 3:00 pm each day starting from 1st – 7th January 2017”. “The Soul that sins shall die. I will not add the righteous to the wicked. Be courageous. My sons I am saying it again that the soul that sins shall die. People will be packing to hell” says the Lord.

Thus for 7 days commencing 1st – 7th January and during the hour of prayer i.e. 3:00 pm the team prayed as above calling the Lord’s judgment upon the wicked and idolatrous of the nation Ghana. Until the team directed otherwise this prayer continues.

On the 11th January 2017, the Lord observed that the nation Ghana is being dragged into backwardness “Pray fervently to lift the nation from backwardness” says the Lord. Indeed we are all witnesses to the gross display of backwardness which is still on-going in the nation. If the politicians think the accusations and counter accusations, disregard for the laid down procedures, blatant lies and unwarranted takeover of Government properties are part of the politics of the day, the Most High God says it is “BACKWARDNESS”. He is calling for the prayers of Ghanaian to do away with this cancer so He can move the nation to Zion to become a great nation.

On the 18th January 2017, the Lord who discerns the heart of people could see backwardness leading to bloodshed which would register blood guiltiness against the nation in heaven. “Bloodshed looms over in the nation. Pray and avert every form of bloodshed in the nation” directs the Most High God.

This prayer is still on going and righteous Ghanaian are called to join the team in this prayer.

On the 25th January 2017, the Lord again called on His team “to pray that the formation of the new Government will be based on the rule of law”. The Lord Jesus Christ said in John 8:31, if you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.

This prayer is directed to all the arms of government – Executive, Judiciary, Legislature, the ministries, quasi-government institutions, indeed the whole nation.

On the 1st February 2017, the Lord’s anger still rages against the nation. “Pray and call for My wrath upon the wicked and the atrocious of the land”.

This prayer is on-going.

The security of the nation is still very dear to the Lord. He will not even permit natural disasters to destroy the nation He loves so much. “There is a tidal wave coming to hit the coast of Ghana. Pray and avert it says the Lord”. This was the prayer direction of the Lord for Wednesday 8th February 2017. The team prayed fervently for one hour to avert this disaster.

The team would wish that all Ghanaian appreciate the deep and unchangeable love the Most High God has for this nation of ours.

At the dawn of Thursday, 9th February 2017, a map of the northern part of the nation was revealed. The Eastern part was painted in deep blood red color while the West was in light blood color. The South was covered in pitch darkness. “The nation is drifting into blood guiltiness. Rise up and pray” says the Lord.

The testimony was not long to come. The bloodshed had already started. About ten people were reported killed in a chieftaincy dispute in Bimbilla – 6 women, 3 children and a man. 170 security personnel had to be immediately deployed to halt the imminent carnage.

On the 15th February 2017, the Lord called his team to undertake what he called a “herculean task”. Pray that the new government to be inaugurated on the ‘Rule of Law’. I want change to be effected starting with the following:-

  1. Judicial Service must have a strong bass of rule of law.
  2. Interior Ministry – Immigration Service to comply with rule of law in their day to day activities.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Ministry.
  4. The Energy sector.
  5. Health Sector.
  6. Ghana Football Association (GFA).
  7. Discontent by a section of the Ghana Armed Forces.
  8. The numerical advantage of the majority in Parliament.
  9. Sanitation – open defecation at the nation’s beaches.

Day in day out the Good Lord continues to reveal the atrocious and the looting of national coffers that has characterized the nation’s democratic dispensations.

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